Center Township of Howard County, Indiana

213 East Jefferson Street

PO Box 905
Kokomo, IN 46903


Message from the Trustee

(August 15, 2017) After the recent news article referencing the negotiations between the township and the city relative to Fire Protection, I thought it expedient that the township position be clarified. To the affected citizens of the unincorporated portions of the township, be assured that you WILL NOT be left without fire protection. Not only is it a statutory requirement that we, (the township) provide fire protection, it is also a moral duty. Negotiations of the terms of the contract are now in the hands of our respective councils not as to whether but how we will provide these services. In providing the protection, we will find the most effective, both cost and efficiency, means to provide this service using your tax dollars. This office will keep you informed as to the progress of these activities.

Trustee Robert A Lee

At the meeting on September 29, the contract between Center Township and the City of Kokomo for Fire Protection Coverage was extended until the end of the year. We will continue to post updates as the negotiations for a new contract proceed.

Township Announces 2018 Community Service Partners

I (Trustee Lee) am happy to announce that the following have been approved as community service partners for 2018. You will be contacted by mail to consider the contracts with your respective boards and respond to this office for acceptance, rejection, or modification of terms. I look forward to continued relationships as we minister to the citizens of Center Township, Howard County

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