Center Township of Howard County, Indiana

213 East Jefferson Street

PO Box 905
Kokomo, IN 46903


Center Township Assistance

Our primary function is to provide Township Assistance to the less fortunate.

We do this through an extensive application process - making sure the right people are getting the assistance needed.
Some of the services we offer include:

Assistance Eligibility

Individuals and/or households who may be in need must complete an application and meet the township's eligibility standards and guidelines.

All adult members of the household must, by law, sign the application.

A.    An applicant must complete an "Application for Township Assistance TA-1" & a "Disclosure and Release of Information".   Both forms must be signed by all adult members of the household.  In addition, all adult members must complete and sign all other documents, forms, or instruments required by Indiana Law.  These are necessary for our caseworkers  to determine  an applicant's eligibility as per the township's "Standards and Guidelines".

B.   An applicant must furnish the township with an acceptable means of identification and social security numbers for each member of the household.

C.    The household  income and/or liquid resources combined (e.g. bonds, stocks, savings, or checking accounts, or certificates of deposit) cannot exceed the township's  income guidelines.

D.    The household  or a member of the requesting household must have a verifiable need that is basic and cannot be remedied in a timely manner by means other than by an expenditure of townships funds. (Example: if you are eligible for food stamps or TANF and have not applied, we will refer you to FSSA.)  All members of the household must show evidence that they have exhausted their resources.  

E.    The applicant and members of the applicant's household cannot be in violation of any provision of the township's "Standards and Guidelines".

F.    All able-bodied adult members of the household must show evidence of trying to find employment or present medical evidence that they are unable to work.

A.    Picture identification for all adult members of the household that indicates the applicant is a resident of the township.  An Indiana driver's License or ID Card issued by the BMV  will be accepted.

B.    Social Security numbers for all members of the household.  This must be in the form of either a Social Security Card, or printouts from the Social Security Office or the Division of Family and Social Services. 

C.    Birth Certificates for all children residing in the household.

D.    Applicants must provide income verification for all members of the household.  The income threshold for determining eligibility is based from and is set above the federal poverty level. (See Table Below)

E.    Applicant must provide receipts for how their income was expended during the previous thirty (30) to sixty (60) day period.


Family Size

Monthly Income

1 $1508
2 $2030
3 $2553
4 $3075
5 $3598
6 $4120
7 $4643
8 $5165

For households having more than 8 members, add $522 for each additional member.

Download our Standards &
Guidelines in pdf format

Office Hours

Monday - Friday
8am - 4:30pm
except Wednesday until Noon

When to apply

The application process is a two step process - an initial interview (intake) at which time you will be assigned an appointment and told what documentation you will need to bring to support your request for assistance. Since except for appointments clients are served on a first come - first served basis, and especially if you are submitting an initial request & application, the earlier you sign in the earlier you will be seen. We accept applications on weekdays during the following hours:

Monday through Friday
8 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Mon., Tues., Thurs., and Fri.
1:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Once seen, the initial interview itself can take 60 to 75 minutes.

Anyone needing special aid, readers, or interpreters should contact the township at least 48 hours in advance.