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Simple Quiz

Test your knowledge of How Township Government Works!

1. Which of the following is not a function of the township as mandated by Indiana State Code?
a) provide basic necessities of life for indigent township residents
b) oversee removal of noxious weeds
c) provide fire protection for unincorporated areas of the township
d) actuate the proposals of the Indiana Township Association

2. Which of the following is not a basic necessity of life as defined by the Indiana State Code?
a) shelter and utilities
b) car and gasoline
c) medical treatment and prescriptions
d) food and clothing

3. Which of the following are not needed to file a request for township assistance?
a) references from friends, relatives, pastors, etc
b) picture id and social security cards for all adults in the household
c) receipts for all income and expenses for the last 30 days
d) birth certificates or Medicaid cards for all children in the household

4. Which of the following will not be in a TA1-A or Notice of Action - a decision concerning a request for township assistance ?
Request is "pended," needs further information or investigation
Request is "denied," reason will be stated
Request is "appealed," to another listed authority
Request is "approved," instructions for receiving assistance is provided

5. Which of the following is not used in determining whether assistance requested will be provided?
Kokomo/Howard County Fair Market Rental Rates
Felony Arrest Record
Household Income
Wasted Resources (not spent on basic necessities)



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